Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"... scared to leave my house, plus I must fortify these Klout pages"

I became a 21-year-old yesterday. My turn-up consisted of eight hours of school, fillet mignon, numerous non-alcoholic beverages, and a Rick and Morty marathon. I regret nothing. Overall, my desire for chewy candies hasn't subsided, so I don't think being one of the "grown folk" will entirely different, let alone "bad". I sincerely thank all who wished me safe passage into adulthood.

Anywho, I come to y'all today with new music.

A remix of my friend Paul's (a.k.a. Hashim) song "Vices" appeared today (sponsored by TheREDEFINED.com), featuring myself and a who's who of rap-spewing, vice-ridden young adults. We talk about a lot of things on the record, but I think the talk only finds value if it evokes consideration within you all about your own foibles. The song should not suggest that you be content to wallow in your vices because we sound so poised while placing ours on display. Instead, the song should assure you that although the struggle is real, it is, most importantly, shared; we all have the strength to conquer our vices, and we should all be willing to help one another if need be.

Listen and feel the love. Thank you.

And the original:

Oh, and Paul told me to tell y'all this:


- Melvin Burch

Friday, March 7, 2014

"My pizza budget is OUTRAGEOUS..."

The post title is a line from a verse of mine that you'll hear soon.

Tidbits about this album:
  • It started as a joke.
  • The "director's cut" of this album is 14 tracks, but I shaved it down for the release. My eyes may actually be bigger than my stomach, but really, I wanted this to be an easy portion to digest for non-musicians/non-rappers. If it ends up being that you all still have an appetite, I'll release the "Deluxe Order" version. 
  • I had a third tidbit, but I can't remember it. 
If you choose to rap/sing/whatever on any of this stuff, go right ahead. Send it to me, too. I wanna listen to it.

DOWNLOAD: http://melvinburch.bandcamp.com/album/papa-johns-and-the-internet

- Melvin Burch

Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I'm happy you're here. I don't know how you ended up here, or why you're here, but you're here, so I thank you.

:D Happy Birthday, Mom!

-OR- http://www.4shared.com/download/y5AoCkEN/Soulipsism.zip

- Melvin Burch