Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dumb Dumb (and the Journey to the Center).

Alternate Cover

If you didn't notice, I've released a song every Thursday for the past three weeks. This is the fourth week, and this was the final release.

Bigga Lips.
I'm A Sucker.

I hope you enjoyed at least one of them. In a perfect galaxy, you would have enjoyed every one of them.



June 1st.

I'm opening back up.
I'm showing you what changed.
I'm taking the first formal step towards everything I've ever wanted.

Allow me to show you how much more prepared I am for this fight with futility.

- Melvin Burch

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Simp-ly Put.

Alternate Cover
This is the song I was referring to. Probably one of my favorite songs I've made so far. Special thanks to Paul (Hashim) for putting up with me during the process of creating this song.  Shout out Childish Gambino; lots of elements of his songs throughout. Shout out every girl that I've ever stalked online.

No shout out for private profiles. We never loved y'all.

Side note, if you haven't noticed the poll on the right side of this page, you should... um... notice it. Even better, you should vote. To make things easy, vote "Yes" if you want more of me, or vote "No" if you don't.

Now. I'ma go start my stalking for the night.


- Melvin Burch

Thursday, May 8, 2014


This is me having one of my Doug Funnie, "Big Nose" moments.

The instrumental:

- Melvin Burch